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P2055D.jpg (4741 bytes) HP Laserjet Printers
LaserJet (laserjet) is a brand name that identifies laser printers marketed by the American computer-company Hewlett-Packard (HP).  Many other manufactures make laser printers, but it is HP that market the LaserJet range.

Model Identification

Each LaserJet has a model number pre-fix (e.g. 4100 or P3005) and suffixes to identify printers with factory-installed options (e.g. 4250DTNSL or P2015N).

These suffixes include:

D for a duplexer, a device which enables fully automatic, hands-free double-sided printing.
T for an additional paper-tray (enables two different paper types to be kept available, or in certain models, to load paper while the printer is printing). (Some D models, with no T suffix, had two trays built in, as did the LaserJet 500 Plus.)
S for a Stacker or Stapler/Stacker
N for built-in, MIO or EIO slot JetDirect (network) card
W for built-in wireless network card
H for High-capacity (heavy-duty model, sometimes combined with M to indicate Heavy Media)
L for Light (only 1 paper tray)
P for Personal, meant for "personal or small workgroup" use
M for Macintosh (PostScript module present); (sometimes?) also extra memory to support PostScript (as in 4M/4M Plus)
X for combination duplexing, networkable printer with additional tray. Replaced the DTN suffix.

The Range

Cotswold Printers hold stock of all the models from the list below.  Some models are available in the On-Line shop and you can follow the links to buy on-line, or call for pricing & availability.




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