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Anoto Group is the world leader in the unique technology of digital pen and paper, which enables fast and reliable transmission of handwritten text into a digital format.

Cotswold Printers are promoting these two products in conjunction with associated printer products from OKI printing Solutions.

Anoto penPresenter (ADP301)

The easy way to share ideas and encourage collaboration.  Eliminates the need for expensive electronic whiteboards.

With penPresenter you can add handwritten notes to your Powerpoint presentation even whilst it is being projected. 

Ideal for use in:- Schools, Training Courses, Conferences, Workshops or anywhere Powerpoint or Whiteboards may be used.

To download the PDF brochure or to see a PPS slideshow demonstration, use the links below.



Anoto penDocuments (ADP201)

Often handwriting is the most convenient way of recording information.   It's immediate, it's easy.  All you need is a pen and paper.  But how do you integrate those handwritten documents with your information systems?

The answer lies with Anoto Digital Pens.  With Anoto penDocuments you can write on real paper, with a real pen and then instantly transfer the finished document to your PC in PDF format.

Ideal for use anywhere where information is captured in written format on a form or document.  Eliminates the need for scanning or copying.

To download the PDF brochure or to see a PPS slideshow demonstrating how penDocuments work, use the links below.



The digital pen technology is best seen in action to appreciate how it works.  Here is a short demo film:-


These products were recently reviewed for the US Government who posted a short video:- 

US Gov Technology Review

If you have 6 mins to spare you can see the Anoto promotional video:-

Anoto Video

Special Offer To Launch These Products

These products are new to the UK market.  Current UK retail prices on these are:-

penPresenter @ 269 + vat

penDocuments @ 369 + vat

You can take advantage of the current offer of free shipping plus a huge discount off either product by downloading and completing the order form.  Details of the current offer are on the form.

We have some more great deals if you bundle a pen with a suitable OKI colour postscript printer.  Please call for details so that we can suggest the best printer for your usage profile.


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For additional information visit the OKI Printing Solutions website (link below).

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Anoto Pen Solutions are distributed in the UK by OKI Printing Solutions

Please call us for pricing, product availabilty and special offers in conjunction with OKI printers on  01242.621567

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