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Typically, an organisation's print costs are between 3-5% of their yearly revenue.  The surprising thing is that many don't actually know it as many of the costs are lost in capitalised hardware, consumables and indirect staff costs who may waste valuable hours every month dealing with the office print process instead of earning revenues.  These costs can be reduced by choosing a Managed Print Service (MPS).


Cost Savings and Control

  • According to independent market research, organisations who implement a full Managed Print Service can save up to 30% against traditional printing methods.
  • It is easier to budget and plan printing costs more effectively, hence providing more control over expenditure.
  • By consolidating multiple suppliers associated with the support of your printing you can reduce back office costs associated with managing your printer network.


  • Greater control of supplies such as paper and toner will reduce wastage and the carbon footprint of your printer fleet.
  • Introducing the optimum mix of printer models and more energy efficient models may reduce your demand for energy consumption.  Though this must be offset by the balance of irrationally disposing of the replaced units which may still be serviceable.

User Satisfaction

  • Standardisation of hardware will give a clear consistent offering to users.
  • A single point of contact for the delivery of your print services will result is less downtime and greater user satisfaction as a result.
  • By utilising the appropriate advancements in hardware users are given the best experience possible and the efficiency that these improvements can bring.


  • Allow the organisation to focus on its core business and remove the need to commit resources to manage the printer network.
  • Greater business continuity as one provider supports the entire printer environment which will reduce the risk of downtime and interrupted service.
  • A proper Managed Print Service will be scaleable enough to move with the changing needs of an organisation and will accommodated future requirements.

The truth is, that if you are like most people, you have no idea how much your company is spending on printing devices, supplies, repairs, etc. But you have a sense that there are resources that are going to waste. If this is you, think seriously about seeking out a good MPS provider.

Choosing A Managed Print Supplier

MPS providers vary in size, ability, and the hardware and software they support. Some work with specific vendors and others are vendor-neutral. One of the best things about working with a vendor-neutral provider is that you wonít need to immediately dispose of current equipment and may not need to purchase any new equipment.

Your MPS supplier will provide you with experts that will assist in the design, implementation and management of a printing infrastructure geared to your specific business requirements. The service should include printer services, parts and supplies along with customized usage reports.  Note that most charge on a per-page basis.

Ask yourself the following 5 questions:

1. Will it deliver a solid return on investment (research shows that some organisations can save up to 30% on printing services)?

2. Are you maximizing your current print investments? Are they still performing the services you originally purchased them for? Could they do more for you?

3. Is your print equipment compatible with current technology in use?  MPS might be able to reduce costs by combining the right technology with cutting-edge software and services that will enable your business to streamline workflow, eliminate time-consuming manual tasks, and reduce operational costs.

4. Does your IT department spend a lot of time servicing printer hardware? By leveraging MPS to monitor devices and repair them as needed, you free up your support teams to work on more critical projects.

5. Is green important to you? Smartly rationing print devices among employees reduces energy usage and leads to a smaller carbon footprint. Simply replacing all current equipment with new may increase your net carbon footprint. In the overall lifetime of computer equipment 75% of the environmental damage is done before the machine is switched on for the first time (The Guardian May 2008). Establish what are the green credentials of the supplier and the equipment being proposed/replaced. 

What To Look For From An MPS Provider

There are several things to look for when choosing a managed print provider.

  1. Can they offer an affordable solution that addresses your specific needs.
  2. Will they will be able to service and provide supplies for a complete array of printer brands, including the option of money-saving remanufactured cartridges?
  3. Can they offer fully integrated services if required (or a partial solution if required)? Do they have the capabilities to oversee every aspect of your print infrastructure, including assessment, management, device maintenance, consumable replenishment, and (if necessary) new equipment supply.
  4. Do they offer comprehensive support and experienced printer consultants.
  5. Do they have knowledge of the latest software and relevant technology?  Some MPS providers have the tools to monitor equipment status and automatically ship and replenish supplies proactively, particularly applicable in larger organisations, less so in smaller ones.
  6. Is the solution eco-friendly? What happens to the current printers when removed (avoid landfill)? What is the expected life of the proposed hardware (replacing every 2 to 3 years may suggest the equipment isn't good enough and you should find a better hardware supplier)? What will then happen to that hardware when replaced?  Note that there are a number of hardware suppliers who restrict the re-marketing of their equipment and the consequence is that there is no second-user market for certain models.  These types of printer are now rapidly filling up landfill in China and Africa*.
  7. Beware of the Long-Term Tie-In. Some MPS contracts will tie you in for long-term deals, way past the initial term that you envisaged. (See BBC Panorama 28th September 2012).

Donít hesitate to ask questions and donít hesitate to ask for hard evidence of ROI claims. Youíll want to be certain that MPS is right for your organisation before you commit.

Our Solution For MPS

At Cotswold we offer both larger, full MPS solutions for larger companies and small easy-in-easy-out solutions for SMEs and lower volume print users in our Page-Print service offering. 

We are vendor-neutral in proposing a solution, but we avoid any solution/hardware that may result in equipment going unnecessary to landfill.  For more information on our full MPS solution please call or email us for an initial discussion. 


* For an enlightening insight into the life-cycle of computer printers and which models are best to purchase or to avoid, please make contact with us. We are happy to share our knowledge to help you choose an eco-friendly and cost-effective printer or print solution provider.



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Cotswold Printers, Unit 5E Ashchurch Industrial Estate, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GL20 8NB
Email: Tel: 01684.276178  Fax: 01684.297083